Natural Therapies

Our bodies are a multi-dimensional creation. We are made up of bones, muscles, organs and cells. We are also chemical, spiritual, and emotional as well as energetic beings. Experiencing health is a balance in our psychological (mental/emotional), anatomical (structural) and physiological (biochemical) dimensions. Healing can only occur when energy can flow freely through all pathways thus bringing the whole system into balance. It is my desire to assist you in this process in whatever manner you require.

Massage Therapy
Massage is used to release the tension in the muscular system. When the tissues (including muscles, tendons, ligaments) are relaxed and not constricted - other systems in the body can flow easily. Blood can flow easily to the tissues to assist in bringing nutrients, and to remove toxins or old cellular material. Nerves can deliver input to and from the brain more easily which improves the flexibility and strength required to move the body. Massage increases your awareness of tension-holding patterns. With this knowledge, simple changes (through exercises or stretches) can be made in your posture when standing, sitting, or lying down. Often times, the awareness of how an action is being done, then making some simple adjustments, avoids postural problems in the future.

Water is as essential to life as food. It needs to be used abundantly, internally and externally, every day. Water helps nature free the system of impurities, cleanses the tissues and energizes the organs. I use water in my massage therapy sessions (when required) to reduce swelling and inflammation in painful muscles or joints. I also encourage drinking water as a key to your healing process. At times you may be asked to apply compresses to assist in recovery from strains or muscle spasms.

Balancing Electro-Magnetic Fields
This is a learned skill, using art and science, to balance the life energy within the body. Human beings are composed of sensitive energy patterns that are reflected in their physical, emotional and mental dimensions. Whenever these energetic patterns are interrupted, the person is ?out of balance? and experiences dis-ease, pain, or stress in one or several dimensions of their life. Through the skill of balancing these flows of energy, the body can be supported in its return to a state of balance, thus providing the opportunity for healing and health.

Muscle Monitoring
The muscles in the body and the nervous system function much like a computer. The brain keeps a record of everything that happens with our muscles. It has a record of the length of every fiber, so it knows how to perform an action efficiently. When trauma or overuse of the muscles occurs, this information is modified, and pain/discomfort, or the ability to use the muscle is diminished.

This state can remain until the ?computer program? is changed. Through bodywork and skilled lengthening, this program is changed, ?resetting? the ?damaged? program.. Having bodywork done on a regular basis can maintain the ?homeostasis? of muscles, tendons, ligaments. Our bodies ?talk to us? all the time, and understanding your body?s language, will assist you to gain and maintain a healthy system.
Brain Gym
Brain Gym is a tool that is used to bring the body/brain connection into action. Through the use of specific movements, the brain is activated to enhance that desired change. For example, say your child was having difficulty in reading/math/writing at school - through the use of balances and specific body movements, the ability to read easier/understand math/write clearly may be improved.. Some techniques involve the senses e.g. how do you take in information into your nervous system and how does your brain process that information and then react to it.. Double Doodles and Cross-Crawls assist in transfer of information from right-brain to left-brain.
Touch For Health
Touch for Health utilizes the muscles as a biofeedback mechanism. Muscles are where the body/mind interaction takes place. By the use of ?pre? and ?post? muscle testing, and then rechecking the muscle, postural changes in the whole body are noted. These changes are not only physical, but may involve the person?s mental and emotional postures as well. The TFH approach links certain muscles with certain organ systems and with the acupuncture meridians. When a particular muscle is balanced, it may benefit the related organ or system. Health is an experience of well being - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially - integrated in the whole person.
Charcoal Therapy
There is no natural agent as powerful, which can assist the body in its efforts to cleanse and heal, than charcoal. It has a powerful absorption quality that draws out and holds toxic materials. It works very much like a vacuum cleaner for gases, foreign proteins, body wastes, and various chemicals and drugs. Whether taken internally or used externally, its power qualities, can be an effective healing agent.
Meridian Energy Balancing
Meridians are pathways of energy that can be measured and mapped through scientific methods. Meridians flow in a continuous unbroken flow, in a definite direction through the body, and from one meridian to another, in a well-defined order. Each meridian has a muscle, organ, and direction of flow associated with it. When stress occurs, energy is drawn from a less vital organ in order to maintain and protect its vital function. Releasing this ?over-energized? area allows the system to feed the ?under-energized? area resulting in the body returning to homeostasis and allowing harmony to occur.

Acupressure Points
Acupressure vessels make up the meridian system and are located throughout the body. Acupressure points along the meridians are electromagnetic in character (meaning they have a positive/neutral/negative flow). By applying pressure on specific locations, a release in built-up energy occurs. Releasing this energy into the system causes a rejuvenation of energetic flow and a sensation of lightness to the area.
Chakra Balancing
Chakras can be imagined as ?little store-houses? of energy in our body. There are seven of them that can operate from a positive/negative energetic field. They store energy that is required for our system to respond to external stimuli. Often times, our systems can become depleted of these energies and we feel tired, lethargic and ?stressed-out?. Balancing of the chakras can ?refill the store-house? by restoring the energetic fields so that we are refreshed and can respond to our environment as required. Again, when we are in homeostasis - we can live our lives, in a relaxed state, operating from the heart chakra.
Reflex Point Massage
?Reflex points? can be found in the superficial tissues of the body. When these points are located (through muscle monitoring), applying a firm massage will disperse the static energy and allow it to flow to the areas that are under-energized. A buildup of an energetic reflex point in one area will create a shortage of energy in the body?s internal systems. Dispersing this build-up of energy can assist in the natural flow of the energy to the ?weakened? system or organ.
A mentor is someone who can be a good listener. Listening to your self as well as hearing yourself describing the situation, can assist you to make decisions which are beneficial to your well-being. We do not always take the time out for ourselves, to contemplate our problems/issues. Having a safe, comfortable environment to experience this can be a very useful tool in healing. We all have experienced difficulties and circumstances in our lives and having a ?time-out?, away from the usual daily activities, can give us the space to work out the solutions. It would be an honour to support you in this process.
As we know, diet and proper nutrition enhance our bodies, so they can function properly in peak performance physically, as well as our mental activities and attitude. In assessing how you eat and what kinds of food you eat, I can offer some insight into ?why? you might make some of the food choices that you make. We can take a look at the ?colour? of your foods to determine whether your system needs or rejects certain foods. Understanding this, may clarify your thinking so you will want to, know how to, and move into, a place of making food choices which are beneficial to your system more often. This alone can assist you to returning to a more natural state of homeostasis.
Referral To Naturopaths, Homeopaths
Sometimes, we need to ?flush? the body of its toxins with specific tonics or supplements that qualified people can identify and provide, and sometimes the body needs allopathic medicines (prescription drugs) for acute or serious conditions. As I am not trained in these areas, and do not administer any therapeutic substances, I can suggest other practitioners and medical doctors which are competent to guide you in your healing process. Some of these I have experienced and others are from ?word of mouth?.
Workshops and Seminars
I will be offering seminars and workshops to provide more detailed information on the above topics or ways to enhance your changes to a healthier lifestyle. There will be courses introducing you to Brain Gym and Polarity Therapy and Meridian Balancing. Some classes will be exercise classes to lengthen your muscles, which may energize you. Other times, there will be demonstrations in vegetarian cooking, or just learning to provide healthy meals for your family. Check my website often for dates and costs of the seminars/workshops.